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Within a function loop, I need to traverse further into the DOM.

$('.panel_wrapper .panel').each(function(index) {
   // how can I append to this.  For instance another class = "foo"
   $(this) .foo  /* does not work */

This is similar to what I'm trying to do in a function

$(this) = $('.panel_wrapper .panel');
$(this) .foo

The following is a better example:

$('.panel-wrapper .panel').each(function(index) {
  $('.panel-wrapper .panel:eq(' + index + ') .collection_alt_thumbs img:eq(0)').css({"border-color" : "#9B9B9B", "opacity" : 1});           

Within the function there are additional operations that will be performed, not necessary after the first operation but after a conditional statement. Can the following be performed:

$('.panel-wrapper .panel').each(function(index) {
   $(this)  ('.collection_alt_thumbs img:eq(0)').css({"border-color" : "#9B9B9B", "opacity" : 1});  
   // conditional statement 
   $(this) /* some other element */

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append what? do you want to add a css class named "foo" to all the object that matches your first selector? Try to be more precise in your questions. –  Tomas Jansson Nov 30 '10 at 7:45

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You could use the .find() function:

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I'm not adding classes or id's, I'm trying to append another path to the destination. For instance, I need to get the image of the second li. There might be a conditional test which will require an opacity to change in the third image. So once I have the $(this) other logic needs to be performed. –  barryg Nov 30 '10 at 7:58

To append a class you should use


it really depends on what you're trying to do if you want direct access to the DOM element itself you shouldn't wrap it at all

this.foo =...

will add foo to the DOM element itself (inside the .each function)

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Do you want to append to the selectors (i.e. further limit the items selected) or append to the items selected? @Darin's solution will do the former; if you want to select more items and traverse over them as well you can do one of the following:

$('.panel_wrapper .panel').add('.foo').each(function(index) {


$('.panel_wrapper .panel, .foo').each(function(index) {
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I just updated the question. –  barryg Nov 30 '10 at 16:19

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