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File a.html:

<!--TEMPLATE: banner-->
<!--TEMPLATE-END: banner-->

I want to replace the middle text to some other text, how to achieve that using sed/awk/other tools?

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If you have the new banner text in another file:

awk -v new_file=new_banner.txt '
    /!--TEMPLATE:/ {print; system("cat " new_file); banner=1; next}
    /!--TEMPLATE-END:/ {banner=0}
    banner {next}
' a.html
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If the text between the marker lines consists of one or more lines:

sed '/<!--TEMPLATE: banner-->/,/<!--TEMPLATE-END: banner-->/ {//!d}; /<!--TEMPLATE: banner-->/aSome text to insert' a.html

The i command could be changed to an r command and a file name to read the text from a file.

sed '/<!--TEMPLATE: banner-->/,/<!--TEMPLATE-END: banner-->/ {//!d}; /<!--TEMPLATE: banner-->/r filename' a.html
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This did not work on Mac OS X. Presuming this might be a GNU sed feature only. –  Sukima May 10 '12 at 3:47
sed -r 'N;s/(<!--TEMPLATE: banner-->\n).*/\1lalala/'


$ cat sedbanner
<!--TEMPLATE: banner-->
<!--TEMPLATE-END: banner-->


$ sed -r 'N;s/(<!--TEMPLATE: banner-->\n).*/\1lalala/' ./sedbanner
<!--TEMPLATE: banner-->
<!--TEMPLATE-END: banner-->

If you like the output then replace sed -r with sed -ri to make it an in-place edit

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this solution can't apply if I have multiple line inside the comments, right? –  Bin Chen Nov 30 '10 at 11:42

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