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I need to fetch two table columns from mysql & then replace part of contents of one column with contents of other. This is how I do but it shows nothing.

    $query  = "SELECT id, msg FROM msg2_qualities";  
    $result = mysql_query($query);     
    $outArray = array(); 
     if ($result) { 
         while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result))
                   $row2 = str_replace('testWord','$row[0]',$row[1]);
                   $outArray[] = $row2; 
   echo json_encode($outArray);

EDIT I tested the code by echo & $row[0], $row[1] have no value. But If I run query to fetch single column from table, then it works fine like

     $query  = "SELECT msg FROM msg2_qualities"; OR
     $query  = "SELECT id FROM msg2_qualities"; 
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Your main problem is logic. A lack of logic, to be certain. You are asking how to fetch multiple columns but your real problem is far away from that. To see multiple columns you have to echo them out. Just echo and nothing else. No arrays, no replaces, but just echo. When you echo them out and ensure you have your columns, you'll see that your problem in somewhere else. A string syntax probably –  Your Common Sense Nov 30 '10 at 9:05
The syntax error being $row[0] in single quotes... –  Adam Holmes Nov 30 '10 at 9:06
Yes, that is indeed plausible ;) –  mingos Nov 30 '10 at 9:08
@XCeptable: Try referring to the columns by name rather than index, i.e. $row['id'] and $row['msg'] - you are using mysql_fetch_assoc. –  cspolton Nov 30 '10 at 9:45
@Spolto, thank you very much, that was problem ..... –  XCeptable Nov 30 '10 at 9:48

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Try removing the quotes around $row[0], and refer to the fields by name rather than index:

$row2 = str_replace('testWord', $row['id'], $row['msg']);
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you are using mysql_fetch_assoc so code should be like this:-

while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result))
    $row2 = str_replace('testWord',$row['id'],$row['msg1']);
    $outArray[] = $row2; 


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your suggestion was very close but was not clear enough though I tried it too. ThanX for the help –  XCeptable Nov 30 '10 at 9:50
means you don't found any solution yet or is it not working, I just shown what are you doing wrong. I am not going to written whole logic here. Thanks –  Framework Nov 30 '10 at 10:01
no, you took it wrong, solution is this one $row['id'] and $row['msg']. I thank to you as your suggestion was very near to solution. –  XCeptable Nov 30 '10 at 10:15

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