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i am joining 2 tables using this query

SELECT DISTINCT (, member_type FROM member 
LEFT JOIN member_gallery 
ON = member_gallery.member_id 
WHERE member.front = 1 
ORDER BY member.member_type ASC

suppose that i have 4 member types

  • 20 members for type no.1
  • 20 members for type no.2
  • 20 members for type no.3
  • 20 members for type no.4

and i am displaying this on my web as a 6x5 image grid, is it possible for me to randomize the fetch data, while maintaining the ORDER BY member.member_type ASC, like using ORDER BY RAND() ?


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ORDER BY member.member_type ASC, RAND()
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oh i didnt that we can do this using a ',' thanks – littlechad Nov 30 '10 at 9:29

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