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I'm struggeling with a problem where, in Chrome on Mac and in Chrome, Opera and Safari on PC, it appears to be playing sounds twice, generating an unwanted echo-effect with a rather random delay(always under half a second though).

I have 2 swf-files that communictes through a LocalConnection, the main swf simply calls a function on the second swf and passing a url to an mp3-file as parameter. The second swf then loads the file and onComplete plays it.

This works perfectly on IE(that's a first) and Firefox on both mac and PC but echoes as mentioned above.

I even implemented a double-check to make sure a sound wouldn't play if a sound is already playing.

Some sample code:

var audio:Sound;
var isPlayingSound:Boolean = false;
var soundURL:String;

public function lcRecieve(url:String = ""):void{
    soundURL = url;
    if (soundOn && !isPlayingSound){

public function playSound():void {
        audio = new Sound(new URLRequest(soundURL));
        audio.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, onSoundComplete);

public function onSoundComplete(e:Event):void{, 1).addEventListener(Event.SOUND_COMPLETE, soundFinnishedPlaying);
        isPlayingSound = true;

private function soundFinnishedPlaying(e:Event):void {, soundFinnishedPlaying);
        audio = null;
        isPlayingSound = false;

Anyone stumbeled upon this problem before? I'm very much lost.

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   private var channel:SoundChannel;

   public function onSoundComplete(e:Event):void
      if( channel != null )

      channel = 0 , 1 );
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Apparently, this works perfectly. :) Thanks alot man. – Gubb Nov 30 '10 at 15:38

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