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Most remote desktop software, such as the VNC softwares, incorporate a mirror driver, which is magnitudes faster than polling for screen changes or using system hooks. I was just wondering though, is there a faster alternative?

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I've done some testing comparing RealVNC enterprise (which includes a mirror driver) and Remote Desktop and the later is significantly faster than RealVNC with the mirror driver.

From what I've read before testing RealVNC, I was under the impression that the mirror driver would create a almost lag-free experience, but that was not what I found. Remote Desktop even allows you to display the full aero glass when viewing the remote desktop.

I've done my testing on a Gigabit network, with both computers connected via Ethernet.

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Usually the higher level is faster. Driver is at the lowest level. For instance instead of "put this bitmap on screen at pos x,y" using "write text 'hello' at pos x,y" could consume less bandwidth because you only need to transfer font name, text and position instead of the complete bitmap on screen.

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