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Yes, I know it's been asked a lot, however the previously asked scenarios don't apply to me, so here goes...

In essence, I'm looking to create a function (in a class) that runs an SQL query on a database, then provides the result as a MySQLi result object. It's not just 'SELECT' queries either, but I don't really mind having a second function for it if need be. The only issue I have here is implementing prepared (or parametrized) statements into the mix.

So far I have this snippet which doesn't work at all:

function byQuery($query, $types, $params)
        $conn = new mysqli('localhost', '<snip>', '<snip>', '<snip>');
        $sql = $conn->prepare($query);
        $sql->bind_param($types, $params);

        $result = $sql->store_result();


The print_r($sql->store_result()); was my attempt at getting anything out of this damn query. I'm not getting errors or anything, but what I'm getting back isn't a MySQL object.

Sorry if this same question's been asked before, I just don't actually know what I'm doing right now.

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check mysqli_error($conn); and check if bind_param can accept arrays. and check if you can switch to PDO –  Your Common Sense Nov 30 '10 at 10:55
I could use PDO, but I was avoiding it for some reason. –  Elliot Nov 30 '10 at 13:15

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