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Can anybody tell me how to add products in Ebay using our ecommerce website which is in ASP.Net(C#)?

how to integrate website with Ebay? Is there any Webservice API for Ebay?

Plz help!


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You are looking for AddItem API

Use this call to define a single new item and list it on a specified eBay site. AddItem returns the item ID for the new listing plus the estimated fees for listing the item. For information on listing fees, see Fees Resulting from Listing an Item. Note that the fees returned from AddItem do not include the Final Value Fee; that fee cannot be calculated until the item is sold.

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The AddItem call is found under the Trading API Here is the Use Case –  Jordan Nov 6 '12 at 17:18

Go to , they have a C# SDK which I'd suggest is the easiest route. It comes with samples that do things like add items, which you can adapt for your own application. You'll need to register and link your ebay account with developer account, which gives you authentication tokens which you'll need to use the API. If you opt not to use the SDK, which provides a level of abstraction and makes life a little easier, you can equally just add a Service Reference to the WSDL.

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