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Hey all. I've been asked to create a method that uses an iterator to print details of 'lots'. I'm able to create an iterator that prints all of the details, however, for any lots that haven't been bought, a message should print out this fact and I'm unsure how I can add that code in. It is the public void close method I'm focusing on. This is what I have so far. Help is greatly appreciated.

public class Auction{

    // The list of Lots in this auction.
    private final ArrayList<Lot> lots;
    // The number that will be given to the next lot entered
    // into this auction.
    private int nextLotNumber;

     * Create a new auction.
    public Auction(){
        lots = new ArrayList<Lot>();
        nextLotNumber = 1;

     * Enter a new lot into the auction.
     * @param description
     *            A description of the lot.
    public void enterLot(final String description){
        lots.add(new Lot(nextLotNumber, description));

     * Show the full list of lots in this auction.
    public void showLots(){
        for(final Lot lot : lots){

    public void close(){
        final Iterator<Lot> it = lots.iterator();


     * Bid for a lot. A message indicating whether the bid is
     * successful or not is printed.
     * @param number
     *            The lot number being bid for.
     * @param bidder
     *            The person bidding for the lot.
     * @param value
     *            The value of the bid.
    public void bidFor(final int lotNumber,
        final Person bidder,
        final long value){
        final Lot selectedLot = getLot(lotNumber);
        if(selectedLot != null){
            final boolean successful =
                selectedLot.bidFor(new Bid(bidder, value));
                System.out.println("The bid for lot number " + lotNumber
                    + " was successful.");
            } else{
                // Report which bid is higher.
                final Bid highestBid = selectedLot.getHighestBid();
                System.out.println("Lot number: " + lotNumber
                    + " already has a bid of: " + highestBid.getValue());

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Is this a homework question? –  Wyzard Nov 30 '10 at 12:37
Can you provide more details on the full Lot API? –  Daniel F. Thornton Nov 30 '10 at 12:38

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Does the Lot class have a flag indicating if it's purchased or not? If so then

for(final Lot lot : lots){
   if (!lot.purchased) {
     System.out.println("not bought");

BTW - I noticed you're using the pre for-each style iterator in the close method. There's no reason to do this since you'll have access to individual Lot instances in the for-each also.

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purchased should be a method not a field so the if should read –  karakuricoder Nov 30 '10 at 12:40
if (!lot.purchased()) { ... –  karakuricoder Nov 30 '10 at 12:41
you can edit your post instead of commenting it. –  Vladimir Ivanov Nov 30 '10 at 13:37

I would add the information you want the Lot to print to the Lot.toString() I would suggest your close() method should close() each lot, and the lot should print anything which needs to be printed.

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Add an attribute to the Lot class of type Person called "winner" or something similar.

In the bidFor method, in the if (successful) block, set the winner attribute:


Then when iterating through the lots, if the winner attribute is null, print your message that the lot hasn't been bought.

Or you could use:

if (lot.getHighestBid() == null)

depending on how the Lot class is implemented, hard to know without seeing the Lot class.

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