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In the TFS 2010 API you can add a proxy via AddProxy as mentioned here

We have to use TFS 2008 SDK however so I wonder if it is possible to do something similar with that one?

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The AddProxy() method is used to register a list of proxy servers with the TFS server, so that clients can automatically detect & use a proxy server.

TFS2008 does not keep a list of TFS Proxy servers, so it is not possible with the TFS 2008 SDK.

If you just want to configure your client to use a proxy server, there is no property to do this. You have to set a registry key or an undocumented environment variable.

For TFS2008 clients, the registry key is:


For TFS2010 clients, the registry key is:


In either TFS version, you can set the undocumented environment variable:

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I think I have no choice than using this, I found it somewhere else as well. Thanks! –  Rob Jan 10 '11 at 11:04

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