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here's a oddity.

on Cygwin bash on Windows Vista, i can get date like this:

$ date
2010-11-30  4:40:48 AM PST

xah@xah-PC ~
$ date +%s

but in emacs “shell”, running the same date command, i get this:

c:\Users\xah\web\xahlee_org\comp>which date
which date

The current date is: 2010-11-30 
Enter the new date: (yy-mm-dd) 

c:\Users\xah\web\xahlee_org\comp>date +%s
date +%s
The system cannot accept the date entered.
Enter the new date: (yy-mm-dd) 

any idea what's going on?

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This is because your emacs shell is actually a Windows Command Prompt shell and the date command gets sent to it and fails.

Take a look at this question to find out how you can configure emacs to use Cygwin's bash shell instead:

How can I run Cygwin Bash Shell from within Emacs?

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You're hitting cmd.exe's date builtin, which is in no way like POSIX date(1). You could work around this by typing in the full path to the date command that you want.

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