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I found this script (http://coolersport.info/) and downloaded it. I want change some things in javascript code, so I opened cshout.js (unpacked version) and do changes. I saved it as "cshout.packed.js" (replaced with original packed version).

But now I go to my script index, I can't see any thing, And I see only a white blank page...

Why unpacked version doesn't work? The packed version was create from original unpacked file (I have same problem with some other scripts...it is an example!)

I debugging it with FireBug. Firebug said:

ajaxCS is not defined
localhost/cshout/cshout.js Line 49
cshout is not defined localhost/cshout
Line 14
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you are looking for problem in wrong place

you need to include ajaxcs.js

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Yes!! Thank you! –  kikio Nov 30 '10 at 14:00

You will need to use a Javascript debugger such as the Firebug plugin for Firefox and trace down what has broken using that. Without the javascript we can't help in determining the issue.

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Firebug said: ajaxCS is not defined localhost/cshout/cshout.js Line 49 -------- cshout is not defined localhost/cshout Line 14 –  kikio Nov 29 '10 at 21:48

It seems like you have a syntax error in your code (referencing an unknown variable - typo?). If you copy your modified cshout.js to cshout.packed.js and it doesn't work, it means you broke something when you modified the original library.

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But when I unpacked the packed.js file with "www.strictly-software.com/unpacker", and replace with packed text in packed.js, the javascript doesn't work! –  kikio Nov 30 '10 at 13:33

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