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Im developing a integration with Facebook using the javascript SDK (connect-js) that make a comment in a existing wall-post defined by us.

On Windows(Firefox, IE, Chrome and the Safari For Windows) works fine, the authentication, the permissions and the post. BUT, when I try accessing (the same page, with same code in the same domain) with a Mac(Safari or Firefox) I get a generic error from facebook on the pop-up windows, after I enter the email and password.

"An error occurred with SocialTesting. Please try again later."

(SocialTesting is the example app that I create for tests)

Anyone could help? This error its haunting me for weeks!!


The page with code that work on Windows: http://renanvieira.net/php/meninous/en/ (look for *facebook_promo.js*, because of StackOverflow spam policy I only can post one link)


Renan Vieira

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If you want someone to help you'd better show us the code, or a link to the non-working page. Otherwise it's wild guessing. :) –  MartinodF Nov 30 '10 at 13:52
Sorry, MartinodF. I just edited and add the link to the application. –  Renan Vieira Nov 30 '10 at 14:16

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