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When converting from PNG to JPG using the MagickWand API, how do I set the background to specified color for transparent pixels? I still get only white background which I don't want.

I know there is similar question, but without answer = How to set background color for transparent pixels in MagickWand?

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I've found it... I missed that MagickMergeImageLayers is returning new wand! So the code looks like:

if(current_wand && IsMagickWand(current_wand)){
    status=MagickReadImage(current_wand, "test.png");
    if (status == MagickFalse) {
    PixelWand *color = NewPixelWand();
    PixelSetColor(color, "red");
    MagickSetImageBackgroundColor(current_wand, color);
    MagickWand *newwand = MagickMergeImageLayers(current_wand, FlattenLayer);
    MagickWriteImage(newwand, "test.jpg");
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Are you able to lend a helping hand with the following question?… – gotnull Sep 21 '11 at 5:08

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