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im trying to format this string into a fixed column style but cant get it to work, heres my code, whats up?

System.out.format("%32s%10n%32s%10n%32s%10n", "Voter: " + e.voteNo + "Candidate: " + vote + "Booth: " + boothId);

All variables are integers,

I want the output to be like

Voter: 1    Candidate: 0     Booth: 1


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Please stop trying to program by accident. Your code looks like the glued-together parts of 3 different approaches to solving the issue. Try to read the documentation on the topic (JavaDoc is your friend!) and apply what you learned instead.

String result = String.format("Voter: %-10d Candidate: %-10d Booth: %-10d", e.voteNo, vote, boothId);

For more information on String.format check its JavaDoc.

Edit: apparently I didn't get the memo that there's actually a PrintStream.format, so you can actually write it like this:

System.out.format("Voter: %-10d Candidate: %-10d Booth: %-10d", e.voteNo, vote, boothId);
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System.out.format is valid (1.5+ I think). – sje397 Nov 30 '10 at 15:37
@sje397: yes, I just realized. The glueing-together part still applies, as he's mixing string concatenation with format and wrong format definitions (%n is a newline in Java and not a numeric format). – Joachim Sauer Nov 30 '10 at 15:38

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