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Is there a way to use OpenGLES 2.0 in a cocos application?

Reading about it on the cocos2d website I read mentions of 2.0 support coming after cocos2d 1.0 (before if it's not too hard), but I cannot find any information about the progress of it.

I would like to apply some shader effect on some CCNodes. Any pointers as to how to do it, even in a really hacked version? Is it possible to mix OpenGLES 1.0 and 2.0?

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It's not possible to mix opengl es 1.0 and 2.0. In 2.0 essential render steps are done with shaders and the 1.0 functions don't work in 2.0 gl view.

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Ricardo Quesada the main developer on Cocos2D has branch setup for OGL 2.0 dev work...


I believe he has gotten a bunch of shaders working already but its not necessarily ready for prime time just yet. There is also some discussions in the Cocos2D forums going on about this...


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