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I have lots of buttons on a web page. Depending on which one is clicked, I want to play a different video.

A large number of <video> elements doesn't seem to work particularly quickly or reliably.

So far, I have tried to:

  1. Create and play() the video element dynamically, after an image is clicked:

    var video = document.createElement('video');
    video.src = 'video.mp4';

    This works on iOS 4, but not on iOS 3.

  2. Create the video element before, and just change the src.

    Doesn't work either.

    It seems like the video object must have already done "it's thing", before it can be played.

  3. Use to open the video URL.

    This will cause an annoying new tab to open, which will remain open after playback has completed.

  4. Set window.location

    This will cause the current page to be reloaded after playback has completed, which I'm trying to avoid.

Any more ideas?

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