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Currently I've seen hooks created for activeX installer archives in an INF file that use "hook1" and "hook" (to the left of the = sign). I'm confused about the differences in the two. Here is an example:

[Setup Hooks]

run=msiexec.exe /i "%EXTRACT_DIR%\ccScanning_msi.msi" /qn

Shouldn't it read "hook=hook1"? Is the "hook1" to the left simply a user-defined name with no real usefulness or meaning? How am I supposed to read and understand this syntax/structure?

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have you looked at the official documentation about this? it's available here: Using Hooks

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Yes, I have already read this. I think this quote from the documentation is of interest -- " Execution of hook1 is identical to the previous description of the hook as an unconditional hook." -- however, I'm not sure if it is answering my question. I don't really understand yet, and that documentation page doesn't seem to address my specific concern. Please correct me if I'm misunderstanding. –  void.pointer Nov 30 '10 at 18:11

In [Setup Hooks] section you can use any name because the meaning is "hook name"="section name"

So basically your inf file could look like this:

[Setup Hooks]



In section that describes a file


you have to use "hook" because its meaning is "key:hook"="section name".

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