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I am currently working on an application for Android and I'm using Eclipse and of course Android SDK, but I have bumped in to a problem that is almost the only thing I need to fix before I can relaese a beta-version to Android Market.

So, my problem is that I have an xml with 4 different buttons, and if the user press on a certain button, one sound will be played, and if the user press any of the other buttons is pressed another sound will play but the sound only play sometimes, I want it to play every time the user press a button. Here's my code(concerning the mediaplayer):

    public MediaPlayer right=null;  
    public MediaPlayer wrong=null; 

    if(right!=null) {  
    if(wrong!=null) {  
    right = MediaPlayer.create(getBaseContext(), R.raw.rightsound);
    wrong = MediaPlayer.create(getBaseContext(), R.raw.wrongsound);
    else {

That's my code and I would be very grateful if somebody could help me solve my problem.

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Is there any pattern to when it does or doesn't play? –  Cheryl Simon Nov 30 '10 at 18:13
No, not really. But if I wait a couple of seconds to press a button it works more often than if I press quick. –  Christoffer Nov 30 '10 at 18:20

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new Thread() {
    public void run() {
        int sound = R.raw.wrongsound;
        if(****()) {
            sound = R.raw.rightsound;
        mp = MediaPlayer.create(Test.this, sound);   
        mp.setOnCompletionListener(new OnCompletionListener() {
            public void onCompletion(MediaPlayer mp) {
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