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Would anyone know what the Win32 equivalent of opendir is (or if it even exists) ? Obviously I could use FindFirstFile(Ex) with FindNextFile, but appending * to the path seems like such a hackish way to do it.

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Out of curiosity, what about this approach seems "hackish" to you? Your answer might help us come up with an appropriate response... – reuben Jan 12 '09 at 2:01
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FindFirstFile and FindNextFile are the appropriate Win32 APIs. Assuming you're writing C++ code, as a portable alternative you could consider using directory_iterator from the Boost Filesystem library (which is implemented on Windows using FindFirstFile and FindNextFile).

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I believe you can use CreateFile with FILE_FLAG_BACKUP_SEMANTICS and then BackupRead to read directory data, but I'm not sure what format the data is actually in. Also, you would need to be running as a user with the SE_BACKUP_NAME privilege enabled, so this is not really suitable in a general purpose application.

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