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I am using pdf4net to export PDF file. In C# I created complete logic to export data. A large part of it is legacy code so I know for sure that it works. But there is one little problem. Error in the end of code. Everything before that line is fine I check it several times. Bellow is the last line in code and bellow it is error that I receive after that line:

 return pdfDoc.GetPDFAsByteArray();

at O2S.Components.PDF4NET.Graphics.PDFBrush..ctor(PDFBrush brush) at O2S.Components.PDF4NET.Graphics.Shapes.PDFHTMLTextBox.boolean(Stream , Int32& ) at O2S.Components.PDF4NET.PDFCanvas.boolean(Stream , Int32& ) at , Int32& ) at O2S.Components.PDF4NET.PDFDocument.byvalue(Stream , Int32& ) at O2S.Components.PDF4NET.PDFDocument.boolean(Stream , Int32& ) at O2S.Components.PDF4NET.PDFDocument.SaveToStream(Stream outputStream) at O2S.Components.PDF4NET.PDFDocument.GetPDFAsByteArray()

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Isn't there more than just the stack trace? Exception type perhaps? – n8wrl Dec 2 '10 at 21:02

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Can you send us ( a small code fragment that we can run and reproduce this problem? It will help us investigate it.

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