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I'd like to replace all instances of a substring in a string but String.replaceAll() only accepts a pattern. The string that I have came from a previous match. Is it possible to add escapes to the pattern that I have or is there a version of replaceAll() in another class which accepts a literal string instead of a pattern?

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Just use String.replace(CharSequence,CharSequence) rather than replaceAll.

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The method to add escapes is Pattern.quote().

String replaced = myString.replaceAll(Pattern.quote(matchingStr), replacementStr)

But as Jon says you can just use replace(). Despite the fact that it deviates from the replaceAll name, it does replace all occurrences just like replaceAll().

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+1 - Needed to confirm it replaced all (which it does). – Qix Dec 26 '12 at 10:58
Works perfectly if you havea "$" in your matchingStr for example. – Julien Lafont Jul 16 at 9:29

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