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I've got a UIImageView with about 10 full-screen jpegs, totalling about 128k. Throwing these into theUIImageView with setAnimationImages works like a champion in the emulator until I try to run it on the iPhone which results in a fail. Is something wrong here? I would think with all the fancy 3d games I've seen my crappy little animation should be functional.

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3D games are not using UIImageView, they use OpenGL.

Judging from these:

Virtual memory leak when using UIImageView setAnimationImages?

UIImageView setAnimationImages: leaks animation array

The method itself is bugged. I suggest loading and animating the images yourself (create and manage an array of UILayers or simply switch the UIImage for the UIImageView).

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I realize they're using OpenGL, I guess what I meant is that its sad that its choking – sammich Jan 12 '09 at 3:37

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