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I am searching for a proof that all AVL trees can be colored like a red-black tree? Can anyone give the proof?

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I don't understand the question. – yfeldblum Jan 10 '09 at 20:48
Although we are willing to help, we won't do your homework. So give it a try first and if you are stuck, come back and ask a specific question. – Toon Krijthe Jan 10 '09 at 20:48
@Justice, he is looking for a proof that all avl trees can be colored with two colors without two connected nodes having the same color. – Toon Krijthe Jan 10 '09 at 20:54
color(node) = if is_even(depth(node)) then "black" else "red" ... is that really the question? Or is he asking whether an AVL tree can be colored such that it obeys all the properties of a red-black tree? – yfeldblum Jan 10 '09 at 20:59
@Justice: The latter, I think – jpalecek Jan 13 '09 at 0:39

By definition R/B trees can be slightly less balanced then AVL-s, as |maxPath - minPath| must be <= 1 for AVLs and maxPath <= 2 * minPath for R/Bs so that not every R/B is an AVL but on the other hand there is no need for the AVL-s To have Empty subTrees so

    / \
   3   6
  /\   /\
 1  E 5  8

is a perfectly legal AVL and it is not an R/B because R/B cannot contain Leaves and must be terminated by Empty trees which are coloured always Black - so that you cannot colour the tree above. To make it R/B you are allowed to convert every leaf x into node E x E and then follow these rules: R/B Tree: Must be a BST must contain only nodes and empty trees which are coloured either Black or Red Every Red node has black children All Empty Trees are Black Given a node, all paths to Empty Trees must have same number of Black Nodes Any Leaf can be replaced with Node whose Left & Right subTrees are Empty Max Path T ≤ 2 * Min Path T

Btw just realized it coloured my nodes and leaves in Red - this was not intended. Karol

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Ok, ik give you a hint

Have a look at: AVL Tree and Red black Tree, if you understand that, the proof should be trivial.

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The answer is yes, every AVL tree can be colored Red-Black, and the converse doesn't hold.

I haven'y exactly figured out HOW to do it tho, and am also seeking the proof.

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I suspect the answer is no.

AVL trees balance better than RB trees, which means they balance differently, which would rather imply that you could not colour every AVL tree as a valid RB tree.

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This is incorrect. The only substantial difference is that the AVL tree's balancing is more strict, and no tree can be "too balanced" to be a red-black tree. – Graphics Noob Sep 21 '10 at 5:52
Would it not be possible to have an AVL tree, which if you coloured it, would be in a state which is invalid for a RB tree? that is my concern. – user82238 Sep 29 '10 at 9:50

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