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I'd like to know if there is any .Net class that allows me to know the SSID of the wireless network I'm connected to. So far I only found the library linked below. Is the best I can get or should I use something else? Managed WiFi (http://www.codeplex.com/managedwifi)

The method that exploits WMI works for Windows XP but is it not working anymore with Windows Vista.

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I resolved using the library. It resulted to be quite easy to work with the classes provided:

First I had to create a WlanClient object

wlan = new WlanClient();

And then I can get the list of the SSIDs the PC is connected to with this code:

Collection<String> connectedSsids = new Collection<string>();

        foreach (WlanClient.WlanInterface wlanInterface in wlan.Interfaces)
            Wlan.Dot11Ssid ssid = wlanInterface.CurrentConnection.wlanAssociationAttributes.dot11Ssid;
            connectedSsids.Add(new String(Encoding.ASCII.GetChars(ssid.SSID,0, (int)ssid.SSIDLength)));
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This does not work. It requires including an assembly that I did not manage to find! Can you point me to the right direction? –  MrAsterisco Sep 27 '13 at 12:22
@MrAsterisco: You need the Managed WiFi (codeplex.com/managedwifi) library mentioned above. –  habakuk Oct 21 '13 at 14:54

It looks like this will do what you want:

ManagementObjectSearcher searcher = new ManagementObjectSearcher("root\\WMI",
"SELECT * FROM MSNdis_80211_ServiceSetIdentifier");

foreach (ManagementObject queryObj in searcher.Get())
    Console.WriteLine("MSNdis_80211_ServiceSetIdentifier instance");

    if(queryObj["Ndis80211SsId"] == null)
        Console.WriteLine("Ndis80211SsId: {0}",queryObj["Ndis80211SsId"]);
        Byte[] arrNdis80211SsId = (Byte[])
        foreach (Byte arrValue in arrNdis80211SsId)
            Console.WriteLine("Ndis80211SsId: {0}", arrValue);

from http://bytes.com/groups/net-c/657473-wmi-wifi-discovery

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Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately this method is not working with Windows Vista. Do you have any other idea? –  mariosangiorgio Jan 10 '09 at 22:34

there is some more information in How do I get the available wifi APs and their signal strength in .net?

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You are going to have to use native WLAN API. There is a long discussion about it here. Apparently this is what Managed Wifi API uses, so it will be easier for you to use it if you do not have any restrictions to use LGPL code.

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That is what I did. It revealed to be easy. Thanks for your answer. –  mariosangiorgio Jan 10 '09 at 23:36

We were using the managed wifi library, but it throws exceptions if the network is disconnected during a query.


        var process = new Process
                          StartInfo =
                              FileName = "netsh.exe",
                              Arguments = "wlan show interfaces",
                              UseShellExecute = false,
                              RedirectStandardOutput = true,
                              CreateNoWindow = true

        var output = process.StandardOutput.ReadToEnd();
        var line = output.Split(new[] { Environment.NewLine }, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries)
                         .FirstOrDefault(l => l.Contains("SSID") && !l.Contains("BSSID"));
        if (line == null)
            return string.Empty;
        var ssid = line.Split(new[] { ":" }, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries)[1].TrimStart();
        return ssid;
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check the website http://wwww.daedaltech.com they give a dll with which we can find the SSID and mac address

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