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I want to test some pages on several machine.

I have tomcat running on one pc lets say PC1 and several pc are connected to PC1. I want other pc to load the one page from PC1. I have tried some alternatives but it is not working

Does anyone know about this??


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Troubleshooting From PCX try pinging PC 1: ping PC1 If that succeeds try doing telnet to Tomcat port (default 8080): telnet PC1 8080 That's probably where it will fail, refusing to connect to 8080.

Alternative 1 You have a Firewall blocking the the other PC to access Tomcat port (default 8080).

Alternative 2 Tomcat is binded to localhost only, and you can't access it from another host.

Look for the tomcat/conf/server.xml file and look for some text like:


If you find the address attribute, remove it and it should bind to every ip address.

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