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Is there a class/example application for a message-only window that is in C++ Win32?

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Can you clarify what you mean exactly? <a href="">This article</a> shows you how to make a C++ class that encapsulates a window and handles the window messages in an object-oriented manner. Is that what you're looking for? – Adam Rosenfield Jan 10 '09 at 21:50
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If I recall, the standard solution is to create a basic styleless window with a message pump as you normally would, but never call ShowWindow on it. This way you can receive and process the standard messages like WM_QUERYENDSESSION which are sent to all windows.

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From the docs for CreateWindow:

hWndParent [in] Handle to the parent or owner window of the window being created. To create a child window or an owned window, supply a valid window handle. This parameter is optional for pop-up windows.

Windows 2000/XP: To create a message-only window, supply HWND_MESSAGE or a handle to an existing message-only window.

Here is some code, from WebKit I think, that sets up a message-only window for timer events.

Here is an article that shows a (possibly overly) fancy way to create an invisible, message-only window:

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+1 for an operational answer. – Peter Mortensen Aug 19 '14 at 15:42

A message only window is used when you need to process windows messages in a thread but don't actually want to display a window on the screen. For example if you want to use a Windows timer, but don't have an existing UI window you could latch on to.

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