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I have a weird one. I'm making a small iPad mobile web page which has 2 buttons. One which if you touch adds and removes a class to an object (which is just an image sprite which shifts its background position.) The second animates the same object. However after I have pressed the animate function triggering button the add/remove class function goes really really slowly. So slowly that you see the sprite image background position shift in slow motion? I am puzzled? Now the Zepto.js anim function uses webkit css3 transforms. Could it be an issue with them? They are pretty recent?


#hero {
    left: 320px;
    position: absolute;

.hero_crouch {
    background: url(../assets/sprites/sprites_8.png) 1px 0;
    width: 109px;
    height: 130px;

Button 1:

$('#hero').addClass('hero_walk') //initial class added
$('#bottom_mid a').bind('touchstart', function() {
          return $('#hero').addClass('hero_crouch');
        }); //new class temporarily added on touch
$('#bottom_mid a').bind('touchend', function() {
          return $('#hero').removeClass('hero_crouch'); // then class removed again

Button 2:

 $('#mid_right a').bind('touchstart', function() {
      return $('#hero').anim({
        translate3d: '50px, 0px, 0px'
      }, 1, 'ease-in-out 1ms');
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I've never used Zepto, but it seems that this problem might be related: Slow animation with webkit-transform translate() in iPhone OS 3.0

Try doing this through css:

#hero {
  /*your code*/
  -webkit-transition: -webkit-transform 1s ease-in-out;
.anim {
  -webkit-transform: translate3d(50px, 0px, 0px); 

And then...

 $('#mid_right a').bind('touchstart', function() {
      return $('#hero').addClass('anim');

If this manifests the same problem, then it's a Webkit bug.

Edit: also, what's up with the 1ms transition?

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Your code for adding the class didn't have any problems. So I guess it's a zepto bug? Zepto's anim function only uses webkit transforms but there must be a bug in there somewhere? Thanks Duopixel! – Handloomweaver Dec 1 '10 at 8:27

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