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With the script below I append 3 elements when the append button is clicked.

  • a checkbox
  • input text field
  • delete button

For now, when the delete button is clicked the checkbox is checked, but when I append another (let's call it a group) three items, the script doesn't work.

Can anybody explain how I can link the elements in some sort of way. So that every time I click the append button the elements are linked to the elements that were created at the same time the same on click.

Thank you so much in advance

   <script language="Javascript">

     function append()
    var cb = document.createElement("input");
    cb.type = "checkbox";
    cb.id = "id"
            cb.checked = false;

    var textfield = document.createElement("input");
    var delbtn = document.createElement("input");
    delbtn.type = "button";
    delbtn.value = "remove";
    delbtn.onclick= function(){remove()}


 function remove()
    id.checked = true;      
      <div id="append"></div>
      <input type="button" value="append" onClick="javascript:append()"/>
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Each time you append a new checkbox, you're running

cb.id = "id"

This is problematic, since elements should have unique ids.

Also, you're referencing the element by its id in the global scope:

id.checked = true;

You should use the standard document.getElementById() instead.

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Thank you, but does that mean i have to make an array out of the three created elements? –  Opoe Dec 1 '10 at 10:54

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