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I can not figure out how to initialize Qt resources declared in and used by a shared library under Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2.

I added a Qt resource file to my shared library, added a prefix named "resource", and added a file "files/styleSheet.xsl". The resource file is named "resources.qrc". QFile::exists returns false?


   // I think Q_INIT_RESOURCE basically expands to this:
   // The resource file is named "resources.qrc"
   extern int qInitResources_resources();

      QString resourcePath = ":/resource/files/styleSheet.xsl";
      if( false == QFile::exists(resourcePath))
         printf("*** Error - Resource path not found : \"%s\"\n",   resourcePath.toLatin1().data());


Thanks in advance for any tips or suggestions,

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I am curious, have you managed to solve this issue? I have very similar problem, and I cannot find solution. –  DRAX May 9 '13 at 9:19
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The problem is that under Linux, you can not have identically named Qt resource files (*.qrc) in both your shared library and application. This is not a problem under Windows but under Linux it will only load one of the identically named resource files. I had named resource files in both my application and shared library files "resources.qrc". I renamed to "resourcesmylib.qrc" and "resourcesmyapp.qrc" and all was good. I did not need to add a call Q_INIT_RESOURCES to my library or call qInitResources_resources*.


  • Use unique Qt resource file names for your library and application under Linux.

Credit goes to Jaco N. on the Qt-Interest mailing list. Thank you Jaco!

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