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I want to use the NServiceBus Generic Host for running my subscriber as a service. My subscriber uses no-XML configuration, so there is no need for an app.config. My problem is that since I don't have an app.config, I get this error from the Generic host:

No configuration file found at: C:\My Dev\NServiceBus2.0.0.1145\samples\PubSub\Subscriber2\bin\Debug\Subscriber2.dll.config

Is there a way to disable to default behavior of the Generic host to NOT search for the .config file?

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Looks like there is no way around this except to host NSB on your own(from the host source):

            string endpointConfigurationFile = GetEndpointConfigurationFile(endpointConfigurationType);

            if (!File.Exists(endpointConfigurationFile))
                throw new InvalidOperationException("No configuration file found at: " + endpointConfigurationFile);
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This is something we should allow for, do you mind adding this to our issue tracker over at github? –  Andreas Öhlund Dec 2 '10 at 10:31
Andreas - all set, issue created: github.com/NServiceBus/NServiceBus/issues/issue/11 –  Adam Fyles Dec 2 '10 at 13:22

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