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I'm curious to know what commercial games, if any, have been written with pyGame. The scale doesn't matter much, it doesn't have to be a massive success, but it should be significant that more than 2 people have ever heard of it.

I ask this because nearly everything I saw on the pyGame website seemed fairly underwhelming. I understand the amount of work that goes into even simple game development, but I'm looking for examples that, say, do a better job than your average Flash "defend the castle" game.

EDIT: Feel free to mention what scale the game is on, if its an MMO, web game, client app, number of players, overall success, etc.

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These are probably the most prominent, although I don't believe they are commercial.

It looks like there is a game called Galcon that is commerical and written with pyGame.


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Galcon uses pygame.


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beat me to it. :) –  BobbyShaftoe Jan 11 '09 at 0:34

Generally speaking, up to this point (2009), the vast majority of game development is done in C++, or Flash for the web. Python is very rare in the field and the use of PyGame with it even rarer, due to the lack of hardware support for the graphics. So it's not surprising that people can only name Galcon - there may not actually be any others.

2014 UPDATE: Since the above answer was written, games have widely begun to be developed in many different languages - C# and Unityscript/Javascript in Unity, Java for mobile, etc. But Python is still only chosen rarely because it doesn't have the sort of library and distribution backing for games that the alternatives do.

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Thanks, this is mostly what I was asking the question in the first place. PyGame does seem to have a lot of useful features that can be adapted for use outside of an actual game. –  Soviut Jan 22 '09 at 6:36
pyGame certainly has hardware support (in many ways it's just a high level wrapper around SDL, which itself has hardware support), but brather is has little support for accessing the graphics APIs (though there are openGL bindings for python these days) –  Falaina Aug 8 '09 at 3:57
By hardware support I meant '3d acceleration support' which SDL lacks - sorry for any confusion. –  Kylotan Aug 10 '09 at 13:58

Not commercial, but you can find lots of professional quality games at pyweek.org .

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Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble is a prominent example. It's a 2D RPG. I don't know how commercially successful it was, but it got a good reception and was nominated for a Writer's Guild Award.


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Look up Wikipedia... Civilization 4, uses python for most of its tasks. Eve Online, uses Stackless Python. Freedom Force Frets On Fire uses python and pygame The Temple of Elemental Evil, a computer role-playing game based on the classic World of Greyhawk Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting. Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, a computer role-playing game based on the World of Darkness campaign setting. Vega Strike, an open source space simulator. Battlefield 2, uses Python for all of its addons and a lot of its functionality Teeworlds uses python and pygame

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look up (List of Python software) Wikipedia –  Kable Dec 4 '09 at 19:18
The question was not, "What games use Python?" but "What games use PyGame?". –  Cromulent Jul 1 '10 at 15:41

División Especial de Detectives is a Pygame game made for OLPC. It is not strictly commercial, as it is a free game, but its development was sponsored.

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For Android, the popular game 2048 is coded using Python and Kivy.There is only one commercial game that is Galcon,made using PyGame.

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You may like to see this


It is called War of the Numbers

The game comprises of over 100 levels in which you've got to shoot and destroy the approaching 'numbers'. You have to do so to help ZERO the hero of the game who is fighting the war with other numbers (no one knows why). Each level has got the target kills to be unlocked. Your scores are recorded. There are two game modes - easy and hard. In easy mode, the numbers fall straight and in hard mode, the do not. Powerups are also present. You have got to achieve the target in the given time and 3 lives. You get 50 score which you have to keep greater than zero or game over. You get an increment(equal to integral value of the number shot) in score if you destroy a number and a decrement if the number evades your attack.

Classes haven't been used in the game.

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Link answers are discouraged because when the links die, so does the viability of the answer. Provide a little more detail in your answer so that people can learn from it without following links. –  Soviut Feb 7 at 9:51
I am new here. Thank you for your suggestion. I have added some information to my answer. –  Gurpreet Singh Feb 7 at 12:58

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