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Is it possible to perform user management (store user info, login , logout etc) without using session or cookie?

Thanks in advance.

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​Um, ​​​​​​why? – SLaks Dec 1 '10 at 4:12
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There are cookieless sessions

If you don't want any server-state at all, you need to keep passing the state around in URLs. For login, you can use an HTTP Auth that the browser understands.

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If you don't wish to use cookies, cookieless session mode can be acivated by adding the following setting to your application's web.config.

<sessionState cookieless="true" />

With this option, the session ID is inserted in a particular position within the URL. Read here for more info.

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You can try User Profile:

However, even if you don't explicitly store anything in cookie, ASP.NET will still store something like sessionid in your client cookie if you want to permanently store something.

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