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Can anybody please tell me how to add product in ebay using my ecommerce website. please tell which ebay API should be used for this and how to use it?

Plz help


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Very close to duplicate question of Can we add products in Ebay using our ecommerce website which is in ASP.Net(C#)

You want the trading API for selling things, http://developer.ebay.com/products/trading/ , and I'd suggest using the SDK which is here http://developer.ebay.com/developercenter/windows/sdk/ to make life a little easier. The SDK has complete examples including listing an item, and once you register there is a load of documentation and a forum which has answers to all the most common starting up questions.

The SDK provides an APIContext class which has methods you can call, like AddItem(), which abstracts away the communication process. You can equally use a Service Reference to the WSDL assuming you're in one of the more recent .Net versions, or a Web Reference if using 2.0 and access the service that way.

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