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var str_f = document.getElementById("" + j + "").innerHTML;

  <span style="color: red">advertising cctv/bust</span>
  <span style="color: red">a</span>tion

how can i get the value

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Welcome to StackOverflow, @Sampath. Please consider updating your question with more information and specifics about what exactly you're trying to do. Do you want the innerHTML value of the paragraph, one or both of the spans, or something else? – Sampson Dec 1 '10 at 5:11
Would you mind clarifying a little, I can't parse your question. – xj9 Dec 1 '10 at 5:11
Which value do you want exactly? Your code is not stating what do you want – Chinmayee G Dec 1 '10 at 5:12
Didnt you just ask this earlier?… Please consider editing your earlier question if you want to make additions to it. Looks like a dupe to me – InSane Dec 1 '10 at 5:12

If you want to get the innerHTML of the <p> tag then give it an id and then use the following code

<p id="para1"><span style="color: red"> advertising cctv/bust</span><span style="color: red">a</span>tion </p>


If you want to get text content inside the element then you can use

var elem = document.getElementById("para1");
var elementText = x.innerText || x.textContent
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This won't work, your doing a getElementById but you don't have any elements with Id's...

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Firstly, to get the innerHTML value of any tag, you either need that tag to have its 'id' property or 'name' property set.

Then you can respectively use the 'document.getElementById(yourTagIdValue).innerHTML' or 'document.getElementByName(yourTagNameValue).innerHTML' to fetch the value of the required tag.

For eg.


So, you can get the innerHTML of this tag as follows:


Also, do kindly note that there is a difference for HTML tags for which you can use the 'innerHTML' property and 'value' property.

Regards, Mahendra Liya.

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Its not document.getElementByName', its document.getElementsByName`. This will return an array of elements with the name specified. – rahul Dec 1 '10 at 11:40

You haven't mention the ID anywhere in the Tags so you cannot use getElementsById.

You can get the innerHTML of the < p > by using getElementsByTagName.

Here is how we use it. Syndtax: var elements = document.getElementsByTagName(name);

In your case:

var pElement = document.getElementsByTagName('p')[0];

var pElementHtml = pElement.innerHTML;

if you need just the text, you can do

var pElementText = pElement.innerText || pElement.textContent;

Hope its useful for someone.


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