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- main site on www.DOMAIN.com
- vBulletin installed on forum.DOMAIN.com
- vBulletin authentication integrated in main site (no problems here)

How can I redirect user to some URL from the www subdomain upon authentication?

Extra info:
I am already using the extra "url" field in the login form, but it only works for URLs relative to forum root (i.e. I can set it to "forum.php?...", but if I set it to "http://some_domain/" it is ignored and user is redirected to forum home after authentication).


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Found the answer myself: just created a plugin attached to "login_redirect" hook and modify the $vbulletin->url value to the desired URL ("url" field in POST in my case), don't forget to escape/check the value in the "url" field you get from the login form ;) –  hpuiu Dec 2 '10 at 18:27
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