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i have developed a production site in godaddy server.Now i want to display a custom error page if there is any error occurs in the site.i have made following changes in the web.config file ,

<customErrors mode="On" defaultRedirect="/Areas/User/Views/Shared/Error">
        <error statusCode="403" redirect="NoAccess.htm" />
        <error statusCode="404" redirect="/Areas/User/Views/Shared/Error" />

But now if error occurs the server will display his default error page for 404 page.

Now i want to display my customised error page.Please tell me the entire steps to implement this in asp.net mvc 2.0.i,e is there any coding i have to write in then controllers or in the global.asax.

Thanks in advance,

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This line indicates that when the page is not found it will redirect to Error.aspx, You can create a view inside the share folder and design it as to what you desire and change the url say for example, you create this page


inside the shared folder, then change the redirect page to

<error statusCode="404" redirect="/Areas/User/Views/Shared/MyCustomErrorPage" />
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yes i did it but i get the server default error page . –  Mallikarjuna Dec 1 '10 at 9:10

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