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Ok folks.. long story short, I was developing on a computer that I no longer have access to. I was able to retrieve the source code, but not the .keystore file used to sign and publish my application to the market (with several updates). Am I, and my poor users, out of luck if I ever want to update?

I know the password used to sign the key (at least it is one of three it could be), so can I create another? There must be a way around this.. what about a hard drive fail?

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If there was a way around it, it would defeat the whole security purpose it is supposed to serve! – Santa Jan 19 '12 at 17:53
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Faced the same problem. I was trying to restore it via deleted files restoring tools, but it failed. So, there is no other way: you should issue another application.

Generally, the only advise that exists on keystores: "always back it up!"

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AND DON'T FORGET THE PASSWORDS!! :( – ssdscott Jan 31 at 23:59
I have faced this and had to reissue a new version of my app. Since then all my keys are on Dropbox. – Varun Jul 24 at 13:29

If you know your keystore password, you still don't have the associated private key to sign your app. You also have no chance to generate the same private key which corresponds to your public key.

Therefore: Always backup your keystore file. It's as important as your source code.

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So, if I got this correctly, this private key is generated randomly per keystore, right? And the only thing we know is the public key, correct? – Souvlaki Jun 24 at 18:52
If you have an authorized access to the keystore you could also export the private key and import it into other keystores or services. – saxos Jun 30 at 6:39

From long days, I also search a solution for that, but not successfully till now. If you have the last version of your app apk, then you can retrieve certificates from that by using the jarsigner cmd command. But you need a private key for update. Google Play did not provide any relaxation for that.

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do you have more info on how to do this? – Zabs Jul 30 '15 at 9:07

I have generated the signed apk using android studio , so in the "key Store Path" i just typed some name without extension, and fill this popup and signed the application. enter image description here

next time for publishing the application i don't remember the path and name where it was created.

somehow i find the default location which is "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_45\jre\bin" : \jre\bin

and in that folder short by date ,then i tried with recent file and it worked for me.

Note : you should remember the Key store password and key password.

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There must be a way around this.. what about a hard drive fail?

I would like to add that always keep a backup of the keystore in cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox or email it to yourself.

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