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Given a path and filename how can I get the Image object:

Image image = ...(filename)
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You want to call the static FromFile method on the Image class.

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Another alternative is to use a Bitmap object (which inherits from Image) like so:

Bitmap bitmap = new Bitmap(imagePath);

(This works for all image formats, not just *.bmp as the name might imply.)

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// Get original filename with extention
            string filenameWithPath = "C:\pictures\peanutbutterjellytime.jpg;
            filename = System.IO.Path.GetFileName(filenameWithPath); 
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If you're playing with images in memory, I've found that has a GREAT site for GDI work in C#.

No.. I'm not related to, associated with or hired by Bob Powell. I just really enjoy his work. =)

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