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I'm having some problems with the tabs in Android.

First of all i create my tabs like this:

    tabHost = getTabHost();
    search = tabHost.newTabSpec("search").setIndicator("Search").setContent(new Intent(this,Search.class));
    mealplan = tabHost.newTabSpec("mealplan").setIndicator("Mealplan").setContent(new Intent(this,Search.class));
    shoppinglist = tabHost.newTabSpec("shoppinglist").setIndicator("Shoppinglist").setContent(new Intent(this,Search.class));
    settings = tabHost.newTabSpec("settings").setIndicator("Settings").setContent(new Intent(this,NewUser.class));


Now I want to have the ability to change the content of a tab inside a tab. For example if im currently in the search tab (the default start-tab) i want to programically change the content of search with instant effect. Earlier i was just starting new activities with the activitygroup but that ended up giving me stackoverflow all the time. I assume that was because i couldn't use finish() because that would close the whole program.

So as i said, my new approach to changing/starting a activity from inside a tab is to call the Activity holding the tabs, and make that class change the content of a tab. But how?

I've tried using the setContent, but the effect isn't instant and it kinda overlaps the default content from the tab. Can you help me? Let me know if u want any other code.

Thanks in advance.

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public class l9_taboacto extends Activity {
    TabSpec search,mealplan,shoppinglist,settings;

    TabHost tabs;
    public void onCreate(Bundle icicle) {

        search = tabs.newTabSpec("search").setIndicator("Search").setContent(new Intent(this,Search.class));
        mealplan = tabs.newTabSpec("mealplan").setIndicator("Mealplan").setContent(new Intent(this,Search.class));
        shoppinglist = tabs.newTabSpec("shoppinglist").setIndicator("Shoppinglist").setContent(new Intent(this,Search.class));
        settings = tabs.newTabSpec("settings").setIndicator("Settings").setContent(new Intent(this,NewUser.class));




good luck,

Im sorry, it looks I understood your problem in wrong way ,here you can find solution for arranging launching intents :



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