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I have a networkdrive z: where I publish my mvc project to, and when I do some images from my Content/Images directory doesnt get published. Why is that? Every time I have to copy the imagesfolder manually to make sure. I have set it so it deletes all on the target before it publishes.

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  • In the solution explorer (ctrl+w,s) select an image that is not copied to the publish folder.
  • Check the properties panel (ctrl+w,p) and make sure the image has the "Build Action" property set to "Content".

From your description I assume that now it is set to "None".

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Are the images part of the project, or do they just sit in the folder on disk? If they are not part of the project, they won't be published.

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they were copied into the folder, and included into the project with "show all" + "include in project" – Lasse Edsvik Dec 1 '10 at 9:22

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