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I have bound Alt + D to Edit.EmacsWordDeleteToEnd in Visual Studio. This is the only key binding that starts with Alt + D, so there are no conflicts.

However, when I hit Alt + D, on some occasions (more often than acceptable) the cursor is only moved across the word to the end of it instead of deleting it. I can't find a good way to reliable reproduce this.

The equivalent happens with Alt + Bkspce which I've bound to Edit.EmacsWordDeleteToStart, i.e., the cursor sometimes just moves over the word.

I'm using ReSharper 5 if that should matter.

Any ideas?

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That is annoying. I can't vouch for VS2008 but I can't repro that in VS2010 (with Emacs Extension) nor do I recall ever experiencing this issue in VS2005. I have documented (lexicalclosures.blogspot.com/2010/10/…) quite a few conflicts between Emacs Scheme and ReSharper keybindings (and how I resolved them) but yours is one I have not seen before. Curious, did you have to manually bind those two Emacs commands? Were they not already bound in Emacs scheme? (It might or might not be relevant.) –  Ray Vega Dec 1 '10 at 17:56

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