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I am using WatiN for browser automation. Its cool. But today i ended up in a problem where i need to call the flash object (uploadify button) in my asp.net page.

This code seems working fine, but doesn't show any actions

        Element ele = window.Element(Find.ById("uploadifyUploader"));

Is there a way to achive this in WatiN.?

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I could be wrong, but I think that firing ele.Click() results in clicking on <object/> element, but not the button. The content of the <object/> element is just an application. You have flash object there, but it could be, for example, Java applet.

Clicking on that button is similar to clicking button on different application - you have to automate Windows, not IE, so some kind of API calls will be needed, like FindWindowEx or SendMessage etc. I think that using WatiN.Core.Native.Windows namespace could be a little bit helpful, but probably insufficient. You will have to use some extern methods from user32.dll.

Instead of this, you could use some kind of library for Windows automation. I heard that AutoIt is good, but I didn't use it. For small tasks I prefer to deal with native calls.

Additionally, WinSpy++ is very helpful for finding windows properties.

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yeah thats what i thought initially, native win32 calls would be better. Actuallly i have tried mouse_event in user32.dll to click the button. But nothing seems to work. I dont know whats the problem.. :( –  RameshVel Dec 2 '10 at 12:57

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