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I'm just searching a framework for wifi positioning in c#. actually i found nearly everything that i need for a robot project in form of a framework. even primitive object recoginition!!! now i wonder if some of you know if there is one, or whether i have to do it by myself.

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I didn't see any spamers comming up or opinionated answers. I just created a solution for this problem and I hope that if someone is searching for similiar software or problems within triangulation or even positioning (which has been deleted as a tag -.-) is finding all answers here. it makes me sad to see that this is not accepted by stackexchange, although it might help or already helped others. –  Andre Fritsche Jul 25 '13 at 13:08

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So finally if someone is also searching for this kind of software. I created it:


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There is a .Net wrapper for the Skyhook API here, but it looks a little 'basic'

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