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I have been looking around for good, small Scheme implementations. I notice it is very usual that they claim to follow "almost all" of R5RS, but never all of it. What parts of R5RS are usually considered too hard/not worthwhile? Are they considered a mistake of R5RS?

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If you're looking for things under the too-hard/not-worthwhile category, there are several tricky details of implementing continuations in various places (and some small implementations don't have support for real continuations either). Take a look at this (now outdated) chart that the SISC authors put together: Some systems, while claiming to implement "(most) everything", have a few overlooked details like that.

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There are a few that don't implement the full numerical tower (i.e different numerical types: complex, rational, exact vs inexact numbers).

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Yes... but they are not required to do that either, according to… – Johan Kotlinski Dec 1 '10 at 10:37

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