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I work full time in a PHP and JavaScript team but we are looking at a new technology to adopt. We want to dive into node.js however we all want to get the same book but we have no idea which would be the best.

Any recommendations ?

Also links would be good.



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There are no real - like in actual wood - books out yet, Yahoo! Press has one in the works though, title will be "Up and Running With Node.js".

Right now there's a community driven e-Book from the makers of the express.js framework, its source code is also available on GitHub.

If you like videos, then should check out a couple of talks by Node's creator Ryan Dahl:

You can find even more links on our tag wiki.

PS: Best thing IMO is to start a little side project and use that to explore Node.js.

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Thanks for that. –  Oliver Bayes-Shelton Dec 1 '10 at 10:43

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