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hi i find it quite hard to get gsoap running. Need to mention my knowledge of C/C++ is quite limited.

In /usr/share/doc/gsoap/ i see

Makefile.c_rules Makefile.cpp_rules

In /usr/share/doc/gsoap/examples : the README says just make but there is only

So i did make -f

examples/ck$ make -f
/usr/bin/soapcpp2 -I/soapcpp2/import ck.h

and then all the source code is created.

And then??
What is the application?

For my project i just need a WS client, but i guess i better create a server too so i can test it with it.

Hope my question is clear enough.. :-/ greets, florian

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i accept the answer from Christian as it is correct. I knew it already but had various problems on the way and ended up in the Makefile i posted here… – groovehunter Feb 14 '11 at 15:09

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The Header File ck.h contains the functions from your service. The gSoap compiler soapcpp2 creates the stubs and skeletons. To create a test-server you can view the documentation on how to create a standalone server. If you compile your standalone-server you will get undefined references because you have to implement the functions from your ck.h file. Take a look at the example from the gSoap documentation. The calc.h file represents your ck.h file. There is also a quick start guide for developing a client and server.

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