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I want to delete i.e. character number 5 in a string. So I did:

del line[5]

and got: TypeError: 'str' object doesn't support item deletion

So no I wonder whether there is a different efficient solution to the problem.

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Strings are immutable in Python, so you can't change them in-place.

But of course you can assign a combination of string slices back to the same identifier:

mystr = mystr[:5] + mystr[6:]
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Thanks! Makes sence. Imagine if your answer could get integrated into the python error message. And image if that error message was some kind of a community wiki so I could integrate it myself. I can accept the answer in 5 minutes. – David Dec 1 '10 at 13:24
@David: The immutability of certain basic Python types (especially strings and tuples) is something that baffles many newcomers to the language, but which makes a lot of sense and is a fundamental Python concept. After all, you don't expect to be able to change integer values in-place, either. So this is considered basic Python knowledge; the error message is clear enough for my taste. – Tim Pietzcker Dec 1 '10 at 13:50
I agree that it is clear, one cannot write everything in error message. But just imagine if all error messages contained a web link to a wiki page where all information/solutions about the problem could be included. – David Dec 1 '10 at 14:14

I use a function similar to :

def delstring(mystring, indexes):
  return ''.join([let for ind, let in enumerate(mystring) if ind not in indexes])

indexes should be an iterable (list, tuple..)

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bytearray is a type which can be changed in place. And if you are using Python2.x, it can very easily convert to default str type: bytes.

del b[5]
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