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I'm currently trying to build a little application on android that is using a webspace but the problem ist that if I want to download a ksoap2 package (e.g. ksoap2 with all dependencies 2.5.2 from here) the filesize is 21.6KB after downloading. But the table says 141KB.

This is resulting into printing out errors when I try to import it as an external library (not compatible to Dalvik) which is un derstandable because the archive is corrupt/broke.

Can someone give me a link where can download a proper .jar-archive?

(2nd question: how do I use the javadocs? do I have to set them into the path if I click on the external libraries dialog->ksoap2...->javadoc ?)

thanks in advance

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I contactes the support and they updated the wikipage so that it is stated on how to obtain the .jar files – Sebastian Dec 1 '10 at 18:47

I've uploaded the latest Ksoap2 Version. It can only be downloaded 10 times.

But I see, you've alredy fixed it. ;)

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