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I used the code in the link mentioned below to merge word files into a single file

However, seeing the output file i realized that it was unable to copy header image in the first document. How do we merge documents preserving format and content.

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That code is inserting a page break after each file.

Since sections control headers, if a second or subsequent document has a header, you'll probably be wanting to keep the original section properties, and insert those after your first document.

If you look at your original document as a docx, you'll probably see that your section is a document level section properties element.

The easiest way around your problem may be to create a second section properties element inside the last paragraph (which contains the header information). Then this should just stay there when the documents are merged (ie other paragraphs added after it).

That's the theory. See also But I haven't tried it; it assumes InsertFile behaves as I expect it should.

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